The Kite

The kite is a controllable airfoil that generates forces called lift and drag. The power is adjusted by the rider. It's like driving a car and the kiteboarders can ride fast or just chill and whenever they want can jump into the air impressively high.

If you want to learn how to fly a kite, you should take lessons. You don't just go driving a car without a course with a certified instructor. Kitesurfing is an awesome sport for anyone and does not require any special skills or great physical strength.

Kites are available in different sizes from 4 to 18 m2. Choosing an appropriate kite size according to the wind strength and your body weight is essential for safe and enjoyable kitesurfing.

We suggest that you only take lessons from a School with certified kiteboarding instructors. On average 10 hours of individual lessons is enough (The lesson lasts 2 hours)

During the course you will learn all about the wind and conditions for kiting. You will find out how to choose and setup the equipment, how the safety systems work and what to do in case of an emergency, all while under the supervision of a certified kitesurfing instructor for your own safety. Step by step you will get up on the board for your first rides.

Learning on your own is not an option since kiteboarding can be extremely dangerous to both you and those around you if done wrong.  

Once you have completed the course and you have the necessary skills to continue practicing on your own independently and safely, you can consider buying your own gear or using rental service.

What is the difference between kiteboarding and kitesurfing?

People use both terms in reference to the same sport. The main technical difference is the board, which riders use.

Kiteboarding refers to using a “twin tip” board which is similar to a wakeboard and performs equally whether you are riding it with the left or right tip facing forward.

Kitesurfing refers to using a directional board which is surfboard that can only be ridden facing nose forward and specializes in wave riding.

Regardless of whether you want to become a Kitesurfer or Kiteboarder, you will begin using a “twin tip” board.

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