Kitesurfing (Wave riding) in waves is a style that combines kiteboarding and regular surfing.

Learn to Ride Waves with a Kite



Before going for your first wave you must be able to consistently ride up wind. The directional boards are mostly used for riding waves. These boards are very similar to regular surfboards. Wave riding requires different skills to riding a “twin tip” board, you need to understand how the board works and how this affects the way you ride. Having regular surfing background definitely helps you be a better, although you need to learn how to control the kite and the board while catching and riding a wave.

During the dry monsoon season (November to April) Mui Ne is popular wave spot destination for many fans of Wave riding. Are you getting bored of riding only on your “twin tip” and looking for a new feeling? Wave riding is definitely what you want to try.



Learn Wave Kitesurfing from 50 $ an hour.

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